Bouchard Lake


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Why a winery

Have you ever wanted to change the course of your life’s journey? Well our winemaker did. After 25 years in the IT field and facing burnout, he needed a sabbatical. As it can happen, free time coupled with a passion morphed into a new journey — running a commercial winery. For the budding winemaker, the new journey stated with attending Lake Washington Institute of Technology and receiving an associate degree in wine technology. With three years of experimental wine batches under his belt, the next step was to open the winery where he now stands.

Why Bouchard Lake Winery

Lake Bouchard Winery arose from the winemaker’s desire to honor his French ancestry and his family. Even though she only shared the first eight years of his life, one of the most important people in his life is his grandmother Loretta. It was always her dream to retire and live on the shores of the lake that bears the name of her family. Sadly, she passed away before this could happen. This winery is a homage to her and my family.